Anduin Wrynn’s 7.2 Questline and Faction Lore in Legion

While it does have its problems, I find Legion to be a very good expansion. It has breathtaking environments, fun dungeon encounters, a great max level questing system- I could go on for a while. But in the light of this week’s biggest reason for discussion within the WoW community, today I’ll be focusing on one my biggest issues (so far) with this expansion: faction lore.

As a lore junkie, I find faction intrigue to be the very heart of the game, and I love interacting with faction and racial leaders. Anduin Wrynn, now King of the Human race and leader of the Alliance, plays an important part in the Broken Shore in what I find to be a welcomed questline with a very satisfying culmination (warning: spoilers). Anduin’s whole arc has been one of my favorites since MoP. His character development (keyword) has been a joy to watch, and I take my hat off to the cinematics team once again because their work has been superb throughout the entire expansion. It makes me happy the Alliance got some closure after Varian’s death and inherent changes in their faction’s leadership.

However, many people seem to be missing the point of the issue some players have been trying to call attention to, blaming the (little) extra AP Alliance players received, or the simple fact that the Horde didn’t get a questline in 7.2 too, as the reasons of our discontent. Those are definitely not the problems.

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Legion First Impressions Part 1: The Broken Isles

We are now into the first month of Legion… and I’m having the most fun I’ve ever had playing video games.

No seriously, this expansion is awesome. So far, at least. While I think it’s still too early to make further assumptions, many of us can agree that Legion has lots of potential to become a favorite- and the way patch 7.1 looks right now (warning: datamining spoilers) only adds to that.

Now, I may be a little late with this post, but I’ve taken my own time to experience and digest both leveling and gearing processes. A lot of cool stuff has happened  in the meanwhile and it’s all been utterly fun! Now, the Emerald Nightmare is upon us and I thought I’d share some (late) personal impressions on the expansion.

I’ll start with some insights on the new zones. Landscape exploration is one of my favorite things to do ingame- and the Broken Isles don’t fall short. They are beautiful and the detailing is mindblowing!

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Legion Alpha: the Beast Mastery Hunter and its flawed new fantasy

Change is good, they say. And hard. And even harder when it doesn’t feel nearly as appealing as it did back in August, when Legion and its inherent changes to WoW were firstly discussed. Undoubtedly, there’s been a growing number of concerns about the Hunter class changes both in terms of mechanics and aesthetics. I believe that most Hunter players currently agree that a good portion of the tentative changes seem way too drastic, making the Hunter feel like a totally different class than the one we know and love so much. Today, however, I will be talking about a very specific concern which, honestly, has been stirring in my head ever since before Beast Mastery became available for testing in the Alpha. Remember that poll before I wrote about Dark Rangers in Legion?

In the end, I hadn’t wrote about this topic earlier not only because it didn’t seem to be a topic of interest to my followers, but also because I’d decided to wait for the spec to be unlocked for testing and see what it brought to the table by then. It’s difficult to write about Legion Alpha when you don’t have Alpha access, and after I learned that my current laptop doesn’t even meet the mininum system requirements for the new expansion, all of my hopes for Alpha or Beta access have instantly died. But I love this game so I’ll keep the feedback coming in any way I can. And since I am unable to test things myself, I’ll keep focusing on the more aesthetic aspects of the game (such as ‘fantasy’, if you’d like).

But yes, Beast Mastery Hunters.

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Legion Hunters and Mechanical Pets in the Class Fantasy

Disclaimer: this is gonna be a quite extense and biased post. You have been warned.

Back in November, the WoW community was caught by surprise when creative director Alex Afrasiabi tweeted a screenshot of a character screen indicating that not only Gnome Hunters will be coming to the game in the next expansion, but also mechanicals as a new Hunter pet family. Players initially assumed that this would work as an exclusive racial feature for Gnomes and Goblins, perhaps expanded to all Engineer hunters. In fact, mechanical pets will be available for both Gnomes and Goblins from the start, but it appears that hunters of every other race will also be able to learn how to “tame” and control these creatures, thanks to a special device crafted by Engineers- much like the Ancient Tome of Dinomancy from MoP, which allowed us to tame Direhorns.

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10 Things to do in 2016 (before Legion)

Here’s my late first post of 2016! Happy New Year y’all. This is a very exciting one for us Warcraft fans, with both the Warcraft movie and a new expansion coming up later in the year. The Legion Alpha is now back online with a few updates which include new specs to test (Marksmanship Hunter HYPE) and Val’Sharah as a new zone to explore. Sadly, the Alpha gods have not granted me their blessing yet so I won’t be able to test and write about the new MM Hunter spec and artifact questline, as of now. Instead, I’ll try to stick to other themes and do my best to be serviceable to the Warcraft community, in some sort.

So today I bring you a list I’ve been preparing for quite a while (since before NY’s Eve, really, but again RL took over my plans). While I admit this is not quite an original idea as there are already a few forums, blogs and videos on the topic, I just thought I’d share my own take. The last months of a WoW expansion are always dreadful for some, especially those who tend to view endgame content as the only content to explore in the game (which is understandable, don’t get me wrong). But the truth is that, between raiding and PvP, these are times of opportunity to focus on the little things. Well, most of them are not that little, but you know what I mean.

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WoW Legion and the Dark Ranger fantasy

Hello everybody! It’s been a while since I last updated this page as RL has been taking over my daily life and I also got back to raiding with my guild. Today, I am finally taking some time to write about a theme which has been making the Warcraft community pretty excited: the possibility of Dark Rangers in WoW Legion.

Before we get into the thing I’d just like to thank everyone who voted on my recent poll. There are so many Hunter themes I would like to write about, including other ideas which were not included in this poll, and I was curious to know what people were most interested in so I could hit that first. Hopefully I’ll be able to approach each and every one of these themes, either way.

But yes, Dark Rangers.

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Legion Beta: Potential Hunter Talents

Legion Alpha is now available and a lot of datamining has been happening for the last few days. Both MMO Champion and Wowhead have been posting huge data dumps at great speed, including talent calculators. Today’s blog is a brief overview on what we know about hunter talents so far. These are only my personal highlights, so feel free to go to official websites to see everything in more detail.

Just a little disclaimer: remember, we are still very early in the beta and everything presented is subject to change. Many of the things we’ve been seeing may already have been changed or even removed. Please have this in mind. Datamining is far from being 100% believable.

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