Welcome! Here’s a lil’ something about me…

Welcome to Aspect of the Dragonhawk everyone!

It is with immense pleasure that today I officially introduce myself to the Warcraft community. While I own many names, I am mostly known as Ariana throughout my circles, or just Ari, if you want. Arianne was originally the name of my WoW main character (a blood elf hunter, hence the designation I chose for this blog). Less than an year ago, this name was eventually changed to Arianwen following a server migration, due to name unavailability and also for RP purposes, but I still answer to Ariana pretty much all the time, too.

I’ve been a passionate WoW player since late Burning Crusade. Even though I started as an undead warlock during my trial, Arianne the Farstrider was born right after I bought and upgraded the game. She’s been sort of my alter ego since then, to the point of currently scoring over 200 hours of play time with her alone.

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