Anduin Wrynn’s 7.2 Questline and Faction Lore in Legion

While it does have its problems, I find Legion to be a very good expansion. It has breathtaking environments, fun dungeon encounters, a great max level questing system- I could go on for a while. But in the light of this week’s biggest reason for discussion within the WoW community, today I’ll be focusing on one my biggest issues (so far) with this expansion: faction lore.

As a lore junkie, I find faction intrigue to be the very heart of the game, and I love interacting with faction and racial leaders. Anduin Wrynn, now King of the Human race and leader of the Alliance, plays an important part in the Broken Shore in what I find to be a welcomed questline with a very satisfying culmination (warning: spoilers). Anduin’s whole arc has been one of my favorites since MoP. His character development (keyword) has been a joy to watch, and I take my hat off to the cinematics team once again because their work has been superb throughout the entire expansion. It makes me happy the Alliance got some closure after Varian’s death and inherent changes in their faction’s leadership.

However, many people seem to be missing the point of the issue some players have been trying to call attention to, blaming the (little) extra AP Alliance players received, or the simple fact that the Horde didn’t get a questline in 7.2 too, as the reasons of our discontent. Those are definitely not the problems.

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