New Hunter Pet Families and Models in Legion – Mechanicals, Scalehide, Oxen and more

Exciting times for all Hunter pet collectors! New tameable creature families have been added to the Legion Alpha last Friday, which include long time wishes such as kodos, stegodons and shoveltusks. While there still seem to be a few issues with some of these models, most of them have already been confirmed by Alpha testers to be indeed tameable.

Please bear in mind that I don’t have Alpha access, so this post is based on information I’ve been reading on many other sources. This is most probably why this post comes a little late, even though I have also been busy IRL, but thought I’d make a little compilation anyway!


New family: Mechanicals

As you may know already, taming Mechs will require your hunter to either be a gnome or a goblin, or to have learned a special ability from a specific item. Some of them will be taming challenges as stated by Blizzard. So far we have seen mech chickens, mechano striders and the mech bunny that gnomes start their Hunter journey with. Mechano wolf models (see picture above) have also been datamined. I am personally not a fan of the idea of “taming” mechanicals – you can read about my thoughts on it here – but I do get why so many players are excited for these.

Click here to see a complete list of tameable mechanicals at the Petopia forums.

Image courtesy of MMO Champion.

New family: Mana Saber

We’ve seen these kitties before and we know they’ll be found somewhere in the Broken Isles, but as far as I know it’s still impossible to tame any creature from the new zones so mana sabers are not yet implemented. But we’ll surely get more information on these as Alpha gets further in development. It is also unclear at this point if these will be exotic, or available to Survival Hunters as well. Either way, they look lovely.

Click here to see the three different datamined models.

New family: Scalehide

Tauren Hunters (and every other Hunter, really) rejoice! After so many years, kodos, mushan beasts and stegodons aka thunder lizards are finally going to be tameable. Furthermore, kodos are getting a shiny updated model which will replace the mobs from older zones. Hopefully more colors will be added besides the original three. The same cannot be said for thunder lizards for now, but we’ve still got a few months ahead so new models for these are still a possibility too.

Click here for a complete list of tameable kodos, mushan and stegodons.

New family: Oxen

The new Oxen family includes shoveltusks, yaks and musken, which resemble yaks but with more horns. Much excite! Shoveltusks had been on top of the wishlist ever since they were introduced to the game in Wrath of the Lich King and yaks are always a fun addition to any stables. I wonder if Niuzao will ever be flagged for taming too. That would be lovely!

A list of currently tameable oxen is also available here.

New models: Sand Reaver

Sand reavers have also been updated and added to the Silithid family. There are 4 available skins to replace the old models. They currently appear HUGE after tamed in the Alpha, but that could be a bug (haha, bug– get it? …nevermind). Lots of community excitement around these, too.

You can check the four available colors here.

New models: Mana Wyrm

Mana wyrms are also joining their arcane cousins in the Serpent family. While the model update seems a little simple, they look neat! I have to say that, as a Blood Elf main, I can barely wait for these little guys. Seems only fitting.

Again, check this Petopia thread to see the new skins.

Sem Título
Image courtesy of Wowhead.

New models: Falcosauros(?)

New creature models also include these feathered raptor relatives which are currently flagged as ‘Falcosauros’, although their official name has not yet been confirmed. It is also unclear if they will be indeed tameable, but mount and battle pet versions have also been datamined. They remind me of a Ji-Kun/dinosaur hybrid. Pretty cute fellas!

Visit this page on Wowhead to see the four datamined skins.


All of these are thus joining many other creature models we’ve previously seen, namely updates on bears, eagles and ravens as well as new nightsaber, moose, owl and spider models. Also… this thing:

This thing looks awesome. Flagged as ‘Guarm’, this creature is obviously based on the Draenor hydra model, but with Cerberus-like multiple heads. I am curious to know if these will become tameable as well, either in the Hydra or Core Hound families, given the canine appearance.

Even though the new Hunter pet families and models sound a lot like fan service to me – because let’s face it, would Blizzard really give us kodos if the community hadn’t asked for them? -, I am pretty excited for most of these. I’d love, however, to see some MoP raid and world bosses be added to the list in the near future. Oondasta, Tortos, Thok, Iron Juggernaut (for mech lovers)… just a few unique and cool possibilities! Who knows. 🙂


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