10 Things to do in 2016 (before Legion)

Here’s my late first post of 2016! Happy New Year y’all. This is a very exciting one for us Warcraft fans, with both the Warcraft movie and a new expansion coming up later in the year. The Legion Alpha is now back online with a few updates which include new specs to test (Marksmanship Hunter HYPE) and Val’Sharah as a new zone to explore. Sadly, the Alpha gods have not granted me their blessing yet so I won’t be able to test and write about the new MM Hunter spec and artifact questline, as of now. Instead, I’ll try to stick to other themes and do my best to be serviceable to the Warcraft community, in some sort.

So today I bring you a list I’ve been preparing for quite a while (since before NY’s Eve, really, but again RL took over my plans). While I admit this is not quite an original idea as there are already a few forums, blogs and videos on the topic, I just thought I’d share my own take. The last months of a WoW expansion are always dreadful for some, especially those who tend to view endgame content as the only content to explore in the game (which is understandable, don’t get me wrong). But the truth is that, between raiding and PvP, these are times of opportunity to focus on the little things. Well, most of them are not that little, but you know what I mean.

Anyway, here’s a list of 10 activity suggestions for players to approach while we all wait for the new expansion. Feel free to add your own in the comments too, if you’d like.

*drum rolls?*


1. Level those Alts.

While garrisons may make Warlords seem more work than play for those with multiple max-level characters,  this expansion gives alts the power to become more useful in a production capacity. That fact, together with LFR and Tanaan Jungle, makes this expansion alt-friendly on its own way- probably a little more over previous ones.

Considering this, I advice you to make use of this advantage and get your favorite characters to 100. That way you will be able to level them faster in the new expansion and have a broader window of choices in case you decide to reroll a class in a more or less near future.

This also brings us to our second point.


2. Make it rain!

Despite all of its issues, Warlords of Draenor has been referred to as the expansion of easy gold. Garrisons are authentic gold machines- are you making the most use of yours? There are inumerous guides available on the web but most of them keep pointing to the same tips:

  • Collect Treasure Hunter followers from your Inn and do both garrison and shipyard gold missions as frequently as you can;
  • Gather mats from your mine and herb garden every day you can;
  • Keep your profession buildings up with work orders and use the mats to craft more valuable items to sell on the AH;
  • Trade your Primal Spirits for Savage Blood or other mats to use or sell;
  • If you reach or approach resource cap, trade them for raw mats on your Trading Post;
  • Put those greens from the Salvage Yard on the AH;
  • And the list goes on.

There are even other ways to make gold in Warlords outside of garrisons: run old raids, especially from Cataclysm and MoP; farm strategic spots depending on your server’s market; camp Tanaan rares for Medallions of the Legion; always get your weekly Kazzak kills for quick Felblight; level or make use of your gathering professions in Tanaan for more Felblight; etc.

TL:DR – During the end months of an expansion, players don’t usually need to spend so much in new gear and upgrades, which means this is the perfect time to start hoarding a few piles of gold. We still have a few months until the Burning Legion starts invading Azeroth so be ambitious and don’t be afraid to aim for that gold cap!


3. Work on getting your Grove Warden.

While many people have already acquired their Moose mount, there is still a significant percentage of players who are struggling to get their characters geared up for the obligatory raid kill. If you are in this group, do not fret just yet- there are lots and lots of raiding guilds selling Archimonde kills or even giving a few away through social media, as well as community projects such as #FriendshipMoose on Twitter to help you achieve the required item level via lower tier raids and Mythic Dungeons. Wowhead’s also got a very nice and concise guide on how to level your character for the encounter.

However you choose to tackle this challenge, I suggest you start today, as gearing up takes its time especially if you are not a raider. I assume there are still around 6 months left before the Grove Warden leaves for distant pastures, but believe me, they may pass quicker than we expect!


4. Finish your legendary ring questline.

I know farming LFR for hundreds of stones, runes and tomes isn’t that much fun and the legendary ring may even feel quite of an underwhelming reward to many, but it’s still a good boost especially if you’re not a raider. Plus, it will be removed from the game in the end of the expansion. Even if it’s going to be completely obsolete shortly after Legion‘s release, it’s always cool to keep an orange icon in the bank. And you know what they say; better to regret something you did than something you didn’t do!

Also, don’t forget Archimonde kills are not obligatory to upgrade the ring anymore and players can now spend their Valor points on a weekly Crystallized Fel instead. This is especially good for more casual players, although it can also be a great extra for raiders, since it is possible to get an upgrade from Archi AND buy a Fel every week.


5. Complete your Nemesis achievements.

Unless you have no interest in PvP at all, I’d urge you to work on Nemesis these next few months. This is because, after Legion comes out, Draenor and especially Ashran will most probably be quite empty on players which will make these achievements much harder to complete, if not close to impossible. So if you are a junkie for nerd points, make sure to hit Ashran in your free time.


6. Start your Wardrobe collection in advance.

According to the devs, when this best feature ever hits the servers, all eligible items in your bags, banks and void storage will automatically be added to your Wardrobe tab. For this, I recommend creating a bank alt (or two) solely for the purpose of saving greenies and other BoE’s you’d like to have included in your Wardrobe. You can also use this character as a piggy bank alt and save even more gold for the upcoming expansion.

EDIT (31.05.2016): According to the devs, the Wardrobe will go live in patch 7.0, before the expansion is actually released. Which is great for us gear hoarders!


7. Level your professions.

The professions team for Legion is the largest that Blizzard has ever had for WoW, and they clearly heard the feedback that professions were underutilized in Warlords and overlapped with the Garrisons too much.

Source: Icy Veins

We all know that professions are usually a reliable way to make gold and upgrade your gear. Plus, big profession changes are currently on its way to the game as they will have a strong role in Legion. Primary professions will require players to go out and explore the Broken Isles, questing and solving problems, instead of simply paying for patterns from their trainers. We also know that garrisons will be staying in Draenor so no more mine and herb garden, y’all.

Therefore, you should consider dropping one of your main professions and learn a gathering profession if you don’t have one at the moment- whichever complements your chosen main profession best. Level it up to 700; you’ll need it when you depart to the Broken Isles.

Hint hint: Tanaan Jungle.


8. Finish current content.

Like the Moose, legendary ring and Nemesis, there is a lot of content a player can work on before it becomes outdated or even undoable. Have you completed all Challenge Mode dungeons and got your Challenge weapon(s)? Grinded WoD reputations? Farmed all the battle pets from the Tanaan pet battle dailies? Glory achievements if you’re a raider?

Of course, you might not feel the need to do all of it. But whatever your focus, this is the perfect time to work on those goals so you won’t feel so much overwhelmed in upcoming expansions or even miss your chance forever (in the case of Challenge Modes).

EDIT (31.05.2016): More recently, the Brawler’s Guild has also been announced to go on hiatus next expansion, so make sure you complete the challenges and get all the things you want from there! Wowhead has a great guide on how to tackle each fight and acquire all the items needed for the special challenges and their respective, exclusive shirts.


9. Explore legacy content and try new things.

Unless you’ve been around as a hardcore WoW’er since 2004, I’m sure there are many other things you could still do in your free time besides current content. Don’t believe me? Here’s a list of suggestions:

  • Explore zones you’ve never quested in;
  • Level a character of the opposite faction if you haven’t yet;
  • Work on your Loremaster and Explorer achievements;
  • Give the Ironman challenge a try;
  • Farm mounts and pets if you’re a collector;
  • Complete the Celestial Tournament;
  • Collect fun toys;
  • Visit Legacy dungeons and raids you’ve never ran before;
  • Enjoy Timewalking whenever it is up;
  • Farm old tier sets;
  • Farm/work on Legacy legendaries like Tho’ridal and Shadowmourne;
  • Test (and improve) your skills by solo’ing tough bosses;
  • Take screenshots;
  • Grind old reputations;
  • Hunt and tame rare Hunter pets if you play one;
  • Give Roleplaying a try;
  • Make new friends;
  • Etc.

The possibilities are endless. Just be open and creative!


10. Take a break.

If even so you’re still feeling bored and/or unmotivated, don’t strain yourself. Just take a break from WoW for a few weeks or months and try other things (be it other games or non-gaming activities) to keep you entertained until Legion comes out. There’s nothing wrong about it and all of your characters, gold and completed achievements will still be there exactly the same way you left them.


In conclusion, it baffles me a little that so many players keep saying there is absolutely nothing to do in the game right now. I vehemently disagree on that on so many levels. There are hundreds of activities to engage with in WoD alone but if you keep refusing one after the other because you have a specific focus, then really won’t be anything to do. Of course I am not saying everyone should want to do all the things! But WoW does have the potential to keep a player busy forever– one only needs to open their eyes to the possibilities. And if that doesn’t work? Please refer to point #10.

Either way, I hope this list will help you in the following months. Do you have any pre-Legion plans? Anything you would like to add to my list? Feel free to share and happy last months of Warlords!

Update #1 (31.5.2016): added new information about the Wardrobe feature, the Brawler’s Guild and personal tweet of when I acquired my Grove Warden.


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