Legion Hunters and Mechanical Pets in the Class Fantasy

Disclaimer: this is gonna be a quite extense and biased post. You have been warned.

Back in November, the WoW community was caught by surprise when creative director Alex Afrasiabi tweeted a screenshot of a character screen indicating that not only Gnome Hunters will be coming to the game in the next expansion, but also mechanicals as a new Hunter pet family. Players initially assumed that this would work as an exclusive racial feature for Gnomes and Goblins, perhaps expanded to all Engineer hunters. In fact, mechanical pets will be available for both Gnomes and Goblins from the start, but it appears that hunters of every other race will also be able to learn how to “tame” and control these creatures, thanks to a special device crafted by Engineers- much like the Ancient Tome of Dinomancy from MoP, which allowed us to tame Direhorns.

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10 Things to do in 2016 (before Legion)

Here’s my late first post of 2016! Happy New Year y’all. This is a very exciting one for us Warcraft fans, with both the Warcraft movie and a new expansion coming up later in the year. The Legion Alpha is now back online with a few updates which include new specs to test (Marksmanship Hunter HYPE) and Val’Sharah as a new zone to explore. Sadly, the Alpha gods have not granted me their blessing yet so I won’t be able to test and write about the new MM Hunter spec and artifact questline, as of now. Instead, I’ll try to stick to other themes and do my best to be serviceable to the Warcraft community, in some sort.

So today I bring you a list I’ve been preparing for quite a while (since before NY’s Eve, really, but again RL took over my plans). While I admit this is not quite an original idea as there are already a few forums, blogs and videos on the topic, I just thought I’d share my own take. The last months of a WoW expansion are always dreadful for some, especially those who tend to view endgame content as the only content to explore in the game (which is understandable, don’t get me wrong). But the truth is that, between raiding and PvP, these are times of opportunity to focus on the little things. Well, most of them are not that little, but you know what I mean.

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