Legion Beta: Potential Hunter Talents

Legion Alpha is now available and a lot of datamining has been happening for the last few days. Both MMO Champion and Wowhead have been posting huge data dumps at great speed, including talent calculators. Today’s blog is a brief overview on what we know about hunter talents so far. These are only my personal highlights, so feel free to go to official websites to see everything in more detail.

Just a little disclaimer: remember, we are still very early in the beta and everything presented is subject to change. Many of the things we’ve been seeing may already have been changed or even removed. Please have this in mind. Datamining is far from being 100% believable.

With no further ado, here’s a quick look into what seem to be the most profound changes to hunter talents in Legion.



  • Exhilaration is now a baseline cooldown in the three specs.
  • Aspect of the Cheetah has been revamped – it now increases movement speed by 90% for 3 seconds and 30% for another 9 seconds. There is a Survival talent that adds 3 more seconds to this. Personally, I’m going to miss my constant 30% movement speed, although this approach makes way more sense when it comes to the fantasy of the spell, as cheetahs are very quick over short distances.
  • Deterrence is being replaced by a new Aspect of the Turtle (so cute) – “You deflect all attacks and take 30% less damage for 8 seconds, but you cannot attack.”
  • Volley is back! For now, it appears to be a lvl 90 talent along with A Murder of Crows and Barrage.


Beast Mastery

  • Camouflage seems to be gone from this spec, now exclusive to Survival and Marksmanship.
  • Aspect of the Wild is a new BM baseline cooldown which “increases the critical strike chance of all skills for you and your pet by 10%” and also promotes focus regen by 10 per second for 10 seconds”.
  • Bestial Wrath no longer breaks CC on the pet nor reduces focus cost but damage bonus is now 20 to 40% (depending on talents), for both hunter and pet.
  • Aspect of the Beast is being revamped as a lvl 100 talent. It improves Kill Command based on the talent choice of pet (a bleed for ferocity, a slow for cunning and pet defense boost for tenacity).



  • Aspect of the Eagle is a SV baseline cooldown which “increases the critical strike chance of all skills for you and your pet by 10%, and increases your chance to gain charges of Moongoose Bite by 100% for 10 seconds”.
  • Muzzle is a new interrupt with a 15 second cooldown.
  • Carve replaces Multishot.
  • Targets hit with Raptor Strike and Carve are affected by Serpent Sting over 15 seconds.
  • Five traps in total – Freezing, Explosive, Tar (basically Frost Trap renamed), Steel and Dragonsfire.
  • Aspect of the Beast is also a lvl 100 talent for this specialization.



  • Rapid Fire seems to have been replaced by another baseline cooldown named Trueshot, which increases haste by 40% and has a chance to apply Marked on targets for 10 seconds.
  • Bursting Shot is a CC that knocks back targets in a cone in front of the hunter and also disorients them for a few seconds. This is clearly an alternative spell for questing and soloing without pet.
  • Black Arrow is a lvl 15 talent (still a dot).
  • Dark Ranger really appears to be a lvl 100 talent, in which “your ranged attacks and attacks which deal damage over time now have a chance to summon a Dark Minion” to attack your current target.
  • As discussed earlier, Lock and Load is also a lvl 100 MM talent and works by attaching an explosive charge to Aimed Shot, dealing additional Fire damage to the target and all enemies within 4 yards. The trigger chance is slightly low (5%) but it causes your next two Aimed Shots to be instant and focus free. To me it sounds like a great option for boss fights with adds or shared pools.
  • Another lvl 100 talent is the new Kill Flip, which increases your damage by 50% over 8 seconds after using Disengage. This one changes a lot (see below)!


Generally speaking, I love the focus on hunter aspects here. For the last few years we have been given and taken numerous different aspects and I certainly wasn’t happy with certain crops *looks at blog’s title*. I know there wasn’t a clear need of them anymore, but I believe hunter aspects are a very interesting part of being a hunter and that they should be meaningful to the gameplay. Choosing an aspect should be significant. So, I love the fact that each hunter specialization has its own unique aspect to increase spec identity (well, except for Marksmanship, at least for now).

But the most notable change, for me, is the fact that Blizzard doesn’t seem to envision the Marksmanship hunter as a sniper anymore. We’ve previously seen that Sniper Training is getting a huge revamp and will no longer require the hunter to stand still in order to benefit from the damage buff. Aimed Shot is, as of now, the only spell which doesn’t permit movement while casting. And there are new MM talents which may promote a lot of mobility during fights, such as Kill Flip.

This is the exact opposite of the current Sniper Training. While this may feel a little weird, I must confess that I like the direction MM is going. I am not a fan of managing Sniper Training at all. Being able to run freely and jump around during boss fights is, on the other hand, something which intrigues me in a positive way. Kill Flip could be of great utility- disengaging away from a boss to quickly burn a tough add down, for instance. Of course, as I said above, none of this is final but if these talents really make it into the game, please don’t judge me if I choose to play acrobatic hunter spec – Legolas style.

legolas-kill flip
Kill Flip? 😉

As I wrote recently, I am having a very hard time to decide which spec to play in Legion. There seem to be so many customization options besides so much new stuff, so everything sounds pretty exciting. The new gameplay concept of Beast Mastery was quickly sold to me with all the constant beast summoning in battle. I am also really curious to give a try at Survival, even though I probably won’t be playing it much since I’m not into melee. And Marksmanship… well, I’ve always wanted to be this sort of hyped up ranger with an elven bow (still sad that MM is going petless although).


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