Legion Beta: Professions, New Mounts, Class Hall Followers and more

Initial data for the WoW Legion beta is now available! Throughout the day, the community has been bombarded with tons of information and pictures hinting a lot of amazing stuff which might be making their way into the game next expansion. This post is a very brief overview of what we know so far; for all the information, strings and pictures, feel free to check the entire coverages by MMO Champion and Wowhead.

***WARNING* This post may contain SPOILERS regarding questlines, dungeons and side stories such as artifacts. If you’d rather see the new things for yourself, please do not continue. You have been warned.***

The loading screen for Mardum.


  • The new skill cap for professions is 800.
  • Enchanting: enchants for rings (critical strike, versatility, haste or mastery), cloaks (strength, agility or intellect) and necks (summon a satyr trickster, fallen sentinels or a loyal druid to fight with you). All enchants have ranks.
  • Tailoring: there’s a new silkweave set and references to armor modifications and dyes!
  • Alchemy: not much information yet, but all potions and flasks have 3 ranks.
  • Herbalism: new herbs are called Starlight Rose, Felwort, Fjanskaggl, Foxflower, Dreamleaf and Aethril. There are 3 ranks of skill to each herb with perks like summoning foxes or mount faster after picking an herb.
  • Skinning: new mats are called Stonehide Leather, Stormscales and Fel Hide and there are also 3 ranks like in herbalism (chances to gather meat or other “interesting” items and also skin from 40 yards away!).


New Mounts

Not sure if this hippogryph is supposed to be a mount model, but it looks pretty amazing nevertheless.
  • Demonsaber
  • Paladin mount: Charger
  • Demon Hunter mount: Felsaber
  • Enchanting mount: Enchanting Chicken
  • Archaeology mount: Spirit of Eche’ro – another moose mount! Assuming a spectral skin of the Grove Warden.
  • Prestigious War Steed – probably Alliance exclusive, maybe the new PvP mount?
  • Prestigious War Wolf – probably Horde exclusive and a counterpart of the Steed.
  • It is also possible to increase mount speed with the use of a new item called Leystone Hoofplates.


Class Hall Followers

  • Hunter right hand: Emmarel Shadewarden – a Night Elf Beast Master with an eagle companion called Snowfeather. She was a young Sentinel who fought in the War of the Shifting Sands and after that she kept vigil on the Unseen Path.
  • Death Knight: Highlord Darion Mograine, plus Thassarian and Koltira Deathweaver are back! Koltira is a personal favourite of mine and I really want to know what happened to him after he was imprisoned by Sylvanas back in Cataclysm.


  • Demon Hunter: Lady S’theno and Kayn Sunfury.
  • Mage: The Great Akazamzarak and Mog’dorg the Wizened (a leader of Ogri’la).
  • Monk: Li Li and Chen Stormstout!
  • Paladin: Lady Liadrin and Lord Maxwell Tyrosus (an exalted member of the Argent Dawn, second to Tirion Fordring).
  • Rogue: Lilian Voss and (prepare for it) Vanessa VanCleef! Turns out the she didn’t die in the Deadmines after all.
  • Warlock: Lulubelle Fizzlebang (apparently the widow of Wilfred Fizzlebang) and Ritssyn Flamescowl.
  • Warrior: Commander Lynore Windstryke (Alliance), Nazgrel (Horde) and also Eitrigg!
  • There are other followers mentioned, with no class leader confirmed: Aponi Brightmane (a Sunwalker, so presumably a Paladin follower), Vindicator Boros (another paladin), Altrius the Sufferer (no idea of who and what this one might be, but he’s got a Nether Drake companion), Allari the Souleater (probably a Warlock follower) and Zeros (a practitioner of the arcane arts and thus should be a Mage follower).


Artifact Questlines and Scenarios

  • Solo scenarios for artifact questlines!
  • Marksmanship Hunters‘ questline, “Legacy of the Windrunners”, will tell the story of Alleria Windrunner. Vereesa will also be there.
  • Survival Hunters have a quite long quest chain in “The Spear in the Shadow”, in which they go for a hunt for a beast called Dakarr.

hunter scenarios

  • The Lich King is back! Frost Death Knights will be meeting Bolvar Fordragon in their journey to acquire “The Blades of the Fallen Prince”.
  • Unholy DKs will travel to Niskara in search of a demonic weapon of great power in “The Fleshripper’s Harvest”.
  • Havoc Demon Hunters will lead an elite force on a hunt to obtain the Warglaives of Kil’Jaeden in “The Twinblades of the Deceiver”.
  • Vengeance Demon Hunters will have to kill Caria Felsoul for “The Blades of the Soul Render” (Aldrachi Warglaives).
  • Guardian Druids will be summoned into the Emerald Dream to defende Ursoc’s Lair.
  • Fire Mages will travel to Icecrown in “The Frost and the Flame” to recover Felo’melorn, the runeblade of the late Prince Kael’thas Sunstrider .
  • Brewmaster Monks will be summoned into a gathering at the Peak of Serenity in “Serenity’s End”.
  • Windwalker Monks will enter the realm of the wind elementals, Skywall, together with Li Li Stormstout in “The Thundering Heavens”, to search for the Fists of the Heavens.
  • Mistweaver Monks will help the Shado-Pan to liberate Sheilun from the clutches of the Burning Legion in “The Emperor’s Promise”.
  • Retribution Paladins will go on a mission to rescue Tirion Fordring in the Broken Shore in “The Legend of the Ashbringer”. Unless Tirion dies right after the event, he probably will just hand the sword over to the hero (the player).
  • Affliction Warlocks will enter the catacombs beneath Karazhan (Kara Crypts, anyone?) to kill Ariden, the leader of “The Dark Riders”.


New Bosses


  • There are many new dungeon bosses (possibly from raids too) which were datamined. The following names are just some personal highlights, make sure to check MMO Champion’s coverage for the full list.
  • Cordana Felsong: probably our friend from Draenor?
  • Odyn: a titan keeper, much like those in Ulduar.
  • Ymiron, the Fallen King: hoping for an undead version of our Utgarde Pinnacle fellow.
  • Ursoc: possibly in the Guardian Druid artifact scenario.
  • Lord Kur’talos Ravencrest: Lord of Black Root Hold who led the Kal’dorei Resistance during the War of the Ancients until assassinated under Azshara’s orders. His soul has been cursed by Gul’dan and the Burning Legion.
  • Illysanna Ravencrest: the daughter of Lord Ravencrest. She was imprisoned for millenia in the Vault of the Wardens.
  • Dargrul the Underking: leader of the Drogbar, who stole the Hammer of Khaz’goroth from the Highmountain Tauren.
  • Millificent Manastorm: Milhouse’s wife! Turns out she is the complete opposite of her husband. We will fight her in the new Violet Hold.
  • Festerface: assumed to be an old construct prototype created by Professor Putricide. Probably a boss in one of the Death Knight scenarios.
  • Blood-Princess Thal’ena: the daughter of the vampyr Queen Lanathel! She is also a prisioner in the Violet Hold.


Other Hunters news

  • The icons for Talonclaw (SV Hunter artifact) and Thas’dorah (MM Hunter artifact) have been datamined. Note that the bow is flagged as a one-handed weapon- maybe quivers are finally making a comeback as some sort of held in off-hand? That would be rad!



  • Icons for miscellaneous mail gear are also on the loose. It seems we are finally getting a Dark Ranger set! This, along with the previous discussion on a certain upcoming MM talent, makes me believe that Dark Rangers will indeed be a possible customization option for hunter builds and looks.

  • The hunter class hall seems to be called Trueshot Lodge.
  • There is a new trap spell called Tar Trap: “A trap that creates a pool of tar that slows your enemies”.
  • MMO Champion has posted pictures of many new NPC and creature models which include a pretty rad crystal scorpion and an AMAZING wolf. These will probably be bosses, but I wonder if it will be possible for hunters to tame these models?


This concludes my overview on Legion beta’s first datamining. What are you most excited for? Lots of amazing stuff, but remember: this is (very) early beta and thus many things are still subject to change. Most things do in the game, but not all of them make it to release. Be aware of that!


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