#FriendshipMoose will help you earn your own moose mount

Patch 6.2.3 is now live and with it, the long-wished Grove Warden mount is now attainable for players who kill Archimonde, the last boss of Hellfire Citadel, on Heroic or Mythic difficulty. Many have complained about Blizzard’s decision to gate a mount with so much community history behind Heroic raiding which is still inaccessible to many players, even if the new ilvl upgrades will make it easier for them to improve their gear. Some are not a part of raiding guilds, others simply won’t find the time in their daily life to work for it.

If you do have some time to spare but lacking a group to raid HFC with, #FriendshipMoose may be your solution. This community-driven effort has been started by @thomicks, with the major goal to help hopeful players down Archimonde and get their own Grove Warden! Just check it out:


Alliance-US was the original initiative, but #FriendshipMoose is now available for Hordies and/or European players as well. Besides @thomicks for Alliance-US, check out these people on Twitter for more info depending on your region/faction:

To sign up and get news about progress, the #FriendshipMoose website is now live too. Make sure to go there and provide your respective host with your information in order to be included! They are also looking for volunteers to help less-geared people gear up via Mythic Dungeons and lower tier raids.

Do note, however, that this won’t be effort-free nor any kind of boost. You will have to gear your character up in order to be able to go through the raid and final encounter (but don’t worry, these guys will help you). There is really no rush here as first attempts are only likely to happen in early 2016.

Since my guild just got back together in WoW and we have restarted raiding this week, I probably won’t be signing up myself for now, but I think this is such a wonderful way to bring the community together. I’m sure that with teamwork and a tiny bit of effort, hundreds of people will be able to acquire their own Grove Warden mount, including you!

Important note: According to @thomicks, Alliance-US signups are currently full, but this is only temporary. In the meanwhile, feel free to work on gearing up so you may join him later!

So, if you’re not a raider, don’t give up! There is plenty of time to obtain this beauty and the WoW community will surely help you if you’re having trouble gearing up. Good luck in your Grove Warden journey and have fun along the way!


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