Transmog Tuesday – This Hunter is Prepared for Legion!

Are you still aboard the Legion train? Today, we’re taking a break from my Legion Preview & Impressions series, for a different Legion themed post (ha!). It’s been over a week since Blizzcon ended and I’m still so excited for the new expansion. Back in August, right after Legion was unveiled during Gamescom in Germany, I made this speed transmogrification set for my hunter and was pretty happy with how it came out. More recently, I shared the item list on a community spotlight on Eluvia‘s blog. If you play a hunter and are a transmog junkie like me, then you should really have a look at her project because she’s amazingly talented at assembling unique looking sets!


For this set I was mainly inspired by Illidan’s colors. There is the evident prevalence of purple and neutral tones, but I was more focused on bringing the occasional fel green accents together. This was not a very easy task but in the end I was really happy with how these pieces from oh-so-different sets actually compliment each other, both in color and in shape/style. The Illidari tabard is kind of essential but, of course, not obligatory. There are many possibilities to this and I’ve been seeing many other Fel-themed mogs around twitter and the web. Either way, I hope my version inspires you to create your own take.


Even though I’ve created this set more than a couple of months ago, I am still missing a few of these pieces on my toon. I didn’t raid most of MoP so the leggings from HC Lei Shen and boots from Nazgrim are still waiting for their mommy to go pick them up. Due to many factors, I am also way behind in current progression (just downed Blackhand in HC mode for the first time last night, yay), so I won’t be getting those shoulders from Mythic Xhul’horac so soon either- maybe not even this expansion

I hope you enjoy this and if you create (or have created) any other Legion themed mogs feel free to show them off- I’d love to see them!



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