BlizzCon 2015 – WoW Legion Cinematic Trailer Overview (it’s pretty incredible)

Day 1 of BlizzCon 2015 has come to an end and what a very epic day! We got to see so many cool things, including the Warcraft movie trailer and many more details on the next World of Warcraft expansion, Legion, which I’ll be covering in a summary in the next couple of days after the conference is over. We also know now that this expansion is set to release on or sometime before 21 September 2016 and that pre-order of both digital editions (standard and deluxe) is now available via

But today, let us look exclusively at the cinematic trailer for Legion.

The moment I noticed there would be a panel on “WoW Cinematics – The Road to Legion”, I assumed the Legion trailer would be unveiled sometime during Day 1- and I wasn’t wrong. But this expansion’s trailer is different from all its predecessors; for the first time in over 10 years, the cinematic trailer works as a part of the expansion’s storytelling itself. In it, we see King Varian, leader of the Alliance, writing a letter to his son Anduin aboard an Alliance gunship while on his way to something big, something from which he believes he may not return. We then figure out he’s actually about to arrive to the Broken Shore, where the pre-expansion event, whose starting date has yet to be revealed, will be held. His fleet in under attack by the Burning Legion forces and we get a first glance at some of the new demon creatures we will see throughout the expansion. Then, something else appears from the clouds- it’s a Horde zeppelin, and Lady Sylvanas Windrunner is on it. I can’t help but smirk to myself when she turns her head to Varian and nods as she’s thinking, “we agreed to be here together and do the thing, but watch out, I’ve got my eyes on you”. For now, however, they are putting their differences aside and Horde and Alliance are fighting as one to protect their world.

Dark Lady watch over you.

There are so many beautiful details in this cinematic which are very subtle and yet full of meaning; if you watched the “Road to Legion” panel from yesterday, then you might already be aware that the compass that Varian holds in the beginning of the trailer is actually an heirloom of the Wrynn family, as it’s got the initials LW (Llane Wrynn) engraved on it. Not to mention the realism of the characters themselves. They put such an incredible amount of work and attention on the way they look; and the team actually focused a lot of their time during “Road to Legion” to talk about how they brought Varian and Sylvanas to life. There’s also the (very subtle) King Varian-Lo’gosh analogy: at first he appears looking very thoughtful and kingly- majestic, if you’d like. But in the end, we see his ferocious side, the other aspect of his dual personality whose nature he finally came to understand in more or less recent events. And now, he shares his son’s belief of “peace is possible”, but only if one fights for it.

So, final thoughts? There will always be people who aren’t pleased but I personally find this cinematic trailer amazing. It’s now super clear that Blizzard has been getting so much better and better at playing with details and the Legion cinematic is, in my eye, one of the very best of all the franchise (with Wrath‘s still being my favorite). Same thing for the expansion itself- but that would be something to talk about soon.


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