BlizzCon 2015: What News to Expect?

The most important weekend of the year for Blizzard fans is just around the corner as people from around the world are now travelling to Anaheim, California, where BlizzCon 2015 will be held for two very epic days. Even though I live on the other side of the big pond and thus cannot be there personally, I am super excited for this (because who isn’t?). By looking at the convention’s schedule and all the recent news around the Blizzard universes, I believe there are a lot of awesome stuff to expect from the event.

Starting with the Warcraft movie trailer.

Yesterday, we were surprised with this 15-sec teaser of the long expected live-action Warcraft movie, which is set to debut on the great screen on June 2016. And oh boy, those 15 seconds are awesome. We are given very brief glimpses of Stormwind, Westfall and what seems to be Karazhan…  and all the little footage looks incredibly beautiful, if you ask me.  That rendition of Westfall, for instance, is breathtakingly appealing and still totally reminiscent of the game’s ambience, as our eyes are attracted to the smallest yet most important of details, such as the road sign which tells the directions for Duskwood and Elwynn Forest and even a freaking HARVEST GOLEM in the distance. From the very little I’ve seen of this movie, I think Duncan Jones and his team have been doing such a wonderful job and seriously can’t wait to see more.

It’s now official, too, that the full trailer is being unveiled sometime during the BlizzCon opening ceremony next Friday *happy dances*. But this is only the beginning. Here is an extense list of my predictions on major news and some details we may or may not be surprised with:

  • A tiny little bit of behind-the-scenes footage from the Warcraft movie after the trailer.
  • A traditional Powerpoint presentation on World of Warcraft: Legion info. Details on new zones, dungeons and raids, artifacts, class halls, class changes and other features.
  • Flying in the Broken Isles will not be available at launch and just like WoD, it will be attainable via achievement, but we’ll be able to start working on it way earlier in the expansion, if not from the beginning.
  • Vignette mobs will be an integral part of the new zones, as they bring a more dynamic type of encounter to the game world instead of the typical rare monster.
  • Treasures will also be there.
  • The leveling storytelling experience will be similar to Draenor’s. If it isn’t, it will be a huge mistake, because this has seriously been the best one to date.
  • Illidan’s arc in Legion will be a redemption tale.
  • Sylvanas has some crazy evil plans going on and will get a slap in the face from her sister Alleria.
  • The fact that both Genn Greymane and Sylvanas are featured on the Legion website leads me to think that the retaking of Gilneas will finally happen.
  • We will get a deep glimpse into the origins of druidry in Azeroth- and I’m gonna love it.
  • They didn’t change their minds on the rogue class hall. Still the sewers, but they will look freaking awesome (and then all the other classes will QQ because theirs don’t look so cool). :3
  • The druid class hall will be a barrow den under the World Tree Shaladrassil.
  • The hunter class hall is confirmed to be a hunting’s lodge in Highmountain and hunters will be able to see their pets wandering around the place, just like followers and battle pets in Draenor garrisons.
  • Hunter quivers will make a comeback! (I just wish.)
  • Raptor Strike will also come back as a Survival Hunter main spell.
  • The new transmogrification system will work similarly to pet, mount and heirloom systems as an account-wide collection.
  • Scenarios will return, especially solo scenarios such as Isle of Thunder’s intro back in MoP. Perhaps we will get to bring some of our class hall followers with us?
  • Karazhan Crypts will finally be finished! (Okay, I’m dreaming way too much with this one.)
  • Timewalking will extend to old raids, starting with Vanilla/TBC.
  • Please don’t hate me for this: LFR will be removed from the game and Normal will now be the default difficulty for casual raiding. Coordination is needed, but it’s totally doable.
  • At least one new battleground and a new world PvP zone that functions in a similar way to Wintergrasp and Tol Barad- daily quests and fight over the control of a raid.
  • Considering there will be a panel with the name “World of Warcraft Cinematics – Road to Legion”, I am assuming that maybe the Legion cinematic will also be unveiled, as well as the release date for the expansion.
  • Alpha starting in a month, beta 2 months after that and Legion launch sometime around Summer 2016 (maybe a little after the Warcraft movie debut).
  • I could keep going and going with WoW predictions but I’ll stop here.
I am SO PREPARED for this.
I am SO PREPARED for this.
  • A few upcoming Heroes of the Storm characters will be announced, since all the previously revealed heroes, up to Artanis, have already been introduced in the game.
  • I’d still love to see Maghda, Mylune and Hogger make their way into the Nexus, but my most realistic bets are on Mekkatorque, Cho’gall and Tracer as the first Overwatch hero.
  • Heroes of the Storm new skins, mounts and *perhaps* a new map or even old map revamps.
  • Hearthstone’s card back for November ranked mode will be showed – maybe Legion themed?.
  • New Hearthstone adventure to follow Blackrock Mountain- I’d like to see Ahn’Qiraj or Ulduar.
  • Upcoming Overwatch heroes as well as a new battleground, plus the game’s official release date will be announced.
  • No major predictions for Diablo III. Lots of people have been craving for a Diablo expansion reveal but, looking at BlizzCon’s schedule, there is only a 1-hour Diablo panel going on during the whole conference, which makes me think that Blizzard is still far from done with Reaper of Souls. Sorry guys.
  • Honestly, not expecting anything special for Starcraft II either, besides the Legacy of the Void launch event.
  • Kazulgfox aka Kaz (@Kazul_G_Fox) will be one of the winners of the cosplay contest with her Goren costume. 😀

What are your BlizzCon predictions and what would you like to see the most next Friday and Saturday? I’m probably wrong with at least half of mine. Either way, we’ll see about it very soon.


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