Transmog Tuesday: ‘Blood Queen’ Hunter Set (My 2015 Hallow’s End Mog)

What’s up, people. It’s Tuesday and Hallow’s End is finally here! For the last couple of weeks I have shared many transmog ideas which I thought to be appropriate to the spirit of this festival, such as some spooky themed mogs and even some super hero renditions. Today, I am talking about the set I’ve personally chosen for my main character, Arianwen, which I’ve been showing on twitter for quite a while now. Some people have shown their interest towards this one since the day I posted my current twitter header – a wallpaper montage I did myself – and I’m sorry I didn’t share this earlier, but I’ve been really busy with a handful of different errands.


The original concept behind this set is nothing extraordinarily creative, really, but I was inspired by the San’layn and their leaders, a host of vampiric blood elf princes and especially Blood Queen Lana’thel, a character I love whom we fought back in Wrath of the Lich King. Of course, it is difficult to pull out a mail set resembling her look and concept, so I focused on specific details to create a sort of vampiresque vibe, such as color (a main burgundy/dark blood red shade), brighter red accents and other darker elements like skulls and rugged drapes. The hood piece is a great addition as it gives the whole set a mysterious, wicked feel. Sadly, this red version is only available for Horde characters; Alliance players, on the other hand, will have access to a blue version of the same model.



Before I end this post, I just want to remind that I am currently hosting an ongoing Hallow’s End screenshot contest on twitter together with Rodhriq and Ekat, under the tag #SpookyPlacesInWow. If you haven’t joined the fun yet, please check this post and the featured video for the details. We have 3 amazing prizes to give away, including 2 very cool items from the store!

And to those who already entered, thank you so much for being a part of this. I’ve been looking at all the submissions and I’m in awe at your creativity! Feel free to keep sharing your pictures and good luck!


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