Forget the Ghosts, Beware of Me: Spooky Hallow’s End Transmog Ideas

(Edit: 2017/06/08 – I will be updating this series as soon as possible; graphics could use improvement, some item types have changed with Legion and shoulders can now be hidden too. Feel free to contact me if you find any discrepancies or have any questions. Thank you!)

It’s that time of the year guys! The wicked days have begun and Hallow’s End celebrations have erupted all around Azeroth once again. This is my absolute favourite world event- and I’m sure a lot of people will relate to this. There is something truly magical about these festivities both ingame or IRL, in the truest sense of magic.

While WoW does provide us with loads of fun ways to dress up, transmogrification is still the best way to stand up from the wicked crowd. The seasonal wands and toys will let your character cosplay a pirate, ninja, abomination and even Deathwing and the Lich King themselves. But why stop there when you can be a succubus, the reaper, a mad surgeon/apothecarian or even the Headless Horseman? These are just some very quick ideas to (hopefully) inspire you to get in the spirit of the ongoing things. You could either put one of these together or use them as a base for your own mog. Your call, feel free to explore your own creativity! But with no further ado, let’s set that spooky mood up shall we?


Idea #1: Reaper (cloth set)


Although limited to warlocks, the Deathbringer set is perfect for a Reaper-esque costume, in a general way. But I wanted to take things even further so I mixed the hood and robes with other pieces. Also, WoD brought a new scythe staff to the game which looks pretty cool and matches the purple in previously said set.


Idea #2: Psycho (leather set)


This set is perfect for rogues but the bloody cleaver, however a key element, is sadly only available to Horde characters as a quest reward from Southern Barrens. EDIT (31.05.2016): with the Wardrobe feature coming up, Beta testers have been confirming that the cleaver will be available cross-faction next expansion!


Idea #3: Headless Horseman (plate set)


While this is clearly not a loyal replica of the Horseman’s attire, it will still make you stand out especially because of the helm and sword. In reality, this sword has a fiery effect which somehow isn’t visible in my model viewer, oh well. If you’re going for this or something similar, don’t forget to summon his horse and speak in eerie rhymes for some RP win!


Idea #4: Succubus (cloth set)


If you’re looking for something skimpier, there is always the succubus choice. Sadly, the horns are also limited to warlocks. To make it worse, the glyph of Demon Hunting was removed from the game in early WoD and, with it, the cool looking demon wings effect from Dark Apotheosis. #BlizzPlz


Idea #5: Big Bad Wolf (mail set)


“What phat lewtz you have Grandmother!” / “All the better to own you with!” – So, who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? …Probably noone. But you can still look awesome in fur, right? The sharp fist weapons make this set perfect for shamans, but of course hunters can always replace them with a bow, change the chest piece and summon their favorite wolf pet to match.


Idea #6: Mad Doctor (cloth set)


This set started as two different ideas which later converged into one. You could say that this crazy doctor has been making creepy experiences involving both the living and the plague. Either way, the mask from the Love Is In The Air event is a perfect addition to this, especially now that it is transmoggable!

I’d like to grab this chance to tell (or remind) you guys that me and Rodhriq, author of the Youtube channel The Rodcast, will be hosting a Hallow’s End twitter screenshot contest! We are currently working on this and are super excited. Make sure to follow us on twitter; we will surely talk about all the details in the next few days!



Update #1 (31.05.2016): added new information about the Neurosurgeon’s Tool availability to characters in both factions come Legion.


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