Be Whatever You Want – DC Superheroes Transmog Sets for Hallow’s End (Part 2)

(Edit: 2017/06/08 – I will be updating this series as soon as possible; graphics could use improvement, some item types have changed with Legion and shoulders can now be hidden too. Feel free to contact me if you find any discrepancies or have any questions. Thank you!)

Hey everybody, and welcome to part 2 of my DC Superhero Transmog series. In my latest post, I shared item lists for Superman, Poison Ivy, Hawkman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman sets. If you missed such post feel free to check them out here. Today, we’ll be looking into five more of these transmogrification ideas for Hallow’s End, or simply everyday awesomeness.


Before we take a look at these, I just wanted to thank everybody for all the amazing feedback on this project. It’s been so fun to assemble all these mogs (and kinda difficult too) so it makes me really happy to know that peeps are enjoying them! Also, just a quick reminder that these sets are not just costume sets of different gear types for showing off or hanging out in hubs. Instead, I have created complete sets so you can do everything you want in the game while standing out from the crowd! For example, if you play a Paladin, you could go for Hawkman’s set and pop that Avenging Wrath while charging in a dungeon or raid. Or, if you’re a Hunter, you could pick that pretty bow from Shattered Halls and kick some ass as Wonder Woman. Of course, this raised some limitations during my creative process, and also a lot of scrapped ideas.

Batman (mail set)


When I talk about “scrapped ideas” I refer, for instance, to my inumerous attempts at creating a believable Batman set. I know what you’re probably thinking- “Batman fights like sort of ninja, so why is this a mail set? Why not leather for rogues?” Trust me, I tried and failed horribly. But when I found this mask, I heard angels singing. The issue? This piece is limited to shamans. *inserts sad Batman meme here*

Catwoman (mail set)


I fell in love with this mask’s appearance so I decided to create a set for Catwoman as well, except that this time I actually went for the brownish version, which matches the oh-so-popular Dragonstrike chest and pants perfectly. Making an entirely black set is so difficult, anyway. And fellow hunters out there, you can always mog this and wander around with a kitten companion to match. Sorry rogues, I really wanted to make these two characters possible for you, and I’ll try to make up for it.

Amethyst (cloth set)


Of all the set previews and heroes I’ve shared on my Twitter, Amethyst seemed to be the least popular and ended up raising a few questions. Either way, I thought I’d share the item list because I’m happy with how this mog came out. Amethyst is, basically, the long lost princess of the magical Gemworld. Since she’s been through so many sporadic appearances and character changes over the years, I decided to go for her most recent 2013 look.

Robin (leather set)


This is where leather wearers rejoice! Sorry to say that this was the only leather set I was able to pull out until now, but on the other hand, this set seems to be one of the very favourites- at least from the feedback I got. Plus, one gets to wear that blindfold, so extra points for awesomeness!

Starfire (cloth set)


This is most probably the hardest outfit both to recreate and farm because: 1) there are not many skimpy purple items in the game so I went for purple and gold instead and 2) the pants are only available via a quest in Hellfire Peninsula and lvl 60 PvP gear which is currently non-transmoggable. So if you’ve already gone through that area and didn’t save them in your bank… trust me, I feel you.

Thanks for taking your time to browse through these transmog ideas. I hope you enjoyed them. I still have a few other DC mog sets to tweak and share, so you may expect a part 3 of this series! In the meanwhile, feel free to follow me on Twitter for sneak peeks at new incoming mog projects and lots of other Warcraft goodness. And if you decide to farm any of these sets, please do share your screenshots with me. I’d love to see! 🙂


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