Be Whatever You Want – DC Superheroes Transmog Sets for Hallow’s End (Part 1)

(Edit: 2017/06/08 – I will be updating this series as soon as possible; graphics could use improvement, some item types have changed with Legion and shoulders can now be hidden too. Feel free to contact me if you find any discrepancies or have any questions. Thank you!)

I came up with this idea of creating a transmog costume set for my hunter now that Hallow’s End is approaching. The initial idea was simply something witchy and darker to match the uprising spooky mood – in other words, lots of black, purple and skulls – but that quickly died out and gave place to a bunch of other silly possibilities. I shared my results on my twitter a week ago and the feedback was astonishing- especially on my Wonder Woman’s inspired transmog. I was promptly suggested to do more superhero sets and thought “you know what, that would actually be pretty cool”.


My original plan was to reserve Tuesdays for transmog posts, but since there’s been such a high demand and Hallow’s End is just around the corner, I am willing to share all the info as quickly as I possibly can (which means there will be more in the next few days, so stay tuned!). I want you to get your favourite set together just in time for the most wicked night of the year. Also, these are what I call true transmog sets and not just costumes for hanging around in hubs: I have created each one of these so that you can walk around and raid and PvP, just like with any other mog!

With no further ado, let’s take a look at the first five sets of this series.

Superman (plate set)


Of course, we can’t just come up with a perfect match of a transmog set for the Man of Steel’s iconic outfit, but I do think that the right color combo and a little bit of simplicity make it a win in this case. Also, don’t forget to pay a visit to the nearest barber shop and dye that hair black.

Poison Ivy (cloth set)


I think it’s utterly obvious that Poison Ivy is one of most popular super hero cosplay picks nowadays, if not one of the most popular overall. This set started as a Hallow’s End idea for my boyfriend’s red-headed mage and also ended up receiving lots of positive feedback and item list demanding. Obviously, just like any Ivy cosplay in the real world, this one had to be a skimpy mog.

Hawkman (plate set)


To those who are not familiar with him, Hawkman is a winged vigilante who makes use of a harness with artificial wings and archaic weaponry to fight crime. Therefore this set is perfect for all paladins out there (Avenging Wrath = win).

Wonder Woman (mail set)


Wonder Woman was actually pretty easy and fun to recreate. The so popular Bloodforge Armor chestpiece is a must and while this set does not feature an actual tiara with a red star, I am really happy with how these random pieces compliment each other when put together.

Aquaman (mail set)


We all know Jason Momoa won’t be wearing green tights in the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie, but I couldn’t resist making a set based on Aquaman’s iconic outfit. The version I present here is slightly different than the first one I shared on twitter, which was comprised by chest and leg pieces from the Captain’s set of greenies. However, when I saw this other chest later, it just felt right to update it. And I’m so much happier with how it looks now.

As you probably noticed, most of these sets do lack a weapon suggestion. This is because many heroes don’t own an explicit iconic weapon or I couldn’t get a fitting weapon type to match the gear type (such as in the case of Aquaman, who carries a trident, yet mail wearers can’t use polearms- or not until Legion at least, when it comes to Survival Hunters!). But I do encourage you to choose a weapon that matches your color palette or somehow compliments the whole outfit so it doesn’t feel obtrusive (see Wonder Woman).

That being said, I hope you enjoyed this post and, more importantly, I wish you good luck in your gear farming if you’re going for any of these sets. And if you were expecting any of my other projects don’t worry, the rest will come as soon as possible!


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