#SpookyPlacesInWow: Hallow’s End Screenshot Contest Winners!

The #SpookyPlacesInWow screenshot contest came to a close last night and wow, what an amazing adventure these couple of weeks have been! Me, Rodhriq and Ekat were IN AWE at the huge amount of submissions and, most of all, the community’s unbelievable creativity. In the end, we got 75 contestants and a mad total of 431 screenshot submissions! Damn, that’s so crazy! Now, the time has come to announce the 3 screenshots that, in our eyes, stood out the most. But first…

The three of us have also been preparing a little final surprise since day 1 for you guys. We wanted to share some of our own favorite spooky spots in the game, so we’ve decided to launch a video of our “Top 10 Spooky Places in WoW”, edited by Rodhriq with much love. The winners are also mentioned here, so please do take a moment of your time to watch it. Trust me, you’ll like it. ^^

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Transmog Tuesday: ‘Blood Queen’ Hunter Set (My 2015 Hallow’s End Mog)

What’s up, people. It’s Tuesday and Hallow’s End is finally here! For the last couple of weeks I have shared many transmog ideas which I thought to be appropriate to the spirit of this festival, such as some spooky themed mogs and even some super hero renditions. Today, I am talking about the set I’ve personally chosen for my main character, Arianwen, which I’ve been showing on twitter for quite a while now. Some people have shown their interest towards this one since the day I posted my current twitter header – a wallpaper montage I did myself – and I’m sorry I didn’t share this earlier, but I’ve been really busy with a handful of different errands.


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#SpookyPlacesInWow: Hallow’s End Twitter Screenshot Contest

Hey everyone! Today I bring really exciting news.

If you’ve been following me on twitter, you may already be aware of all the #SpookyPlacesInWow hype. If you’re new here and don’t know exactly what I’m talking about, this is a project I’ve been working on for the past few days along with Rodhriq, author of the Youtube channel The Rodcast, and his girlfriend Ekat. More specifically, a screenshot contest for the Warcraft twitter community!

Basically, we want you to get into the Hallow’s End spirit and explore that whole big world of Azeroth in search of your favourite, spookiest places. Tweet us your screenshots, and you’re pretty much in!

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Forget the Ghosts, Beware of Me: Spooky Hallow’s End Transmog Ideas

It’s that time of the year guys! The wicked days have begun and Hallow’s End celebrations have erupted all around Azeroth once again. This is my absolute favourite world event- and I’m sure a lot of people will relate to this. There is something truly magical about these festivities both ingame or IRL, in the truest sense of magic.

While WoW does provide us with loads of fun ways to dress up, transmogrification is still the best way to stand up from the wicked crowd. The seasonal wands and toys will let your character cosplay a pirate, ninja, abomination and even Deathwing and the Lich King themselves. But why stop there when you can be a succubus, the reaper, a mad surgeon/apothecarian or even the Headless Horseman? These are just some very quick ideas to (hopefully) inspire you to get in the spirit of the ongoing things. You could either put one of these together or use them as a base for your own mog. Your call, feel free to explore your own creativity! But with no further ado, let’s set that spooky mood up shall we?

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Be Whatever You Want – DC Superheroes Transmog Sets for Hallow’s End (Part 2)

Hey everybody, and welcome to part 2 of my DC Superhero Transmog series. In my latest post, I shared item lists for Superman, Poison Ivy, Hawkman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman sets. If you missed such post feel free to check them out here. Today, we’ll be looking into five more of these transmogrification ideas for Hallow’s End, or simply everyday awesomeness.


Before we take a look at these, I just wanted to thank everybody for all the amazing feedback on this project. It’s been so fun to assemble all these mogs (and kinda difficult too) so it makes me really happy to know that peeps are enjoying them! Also, just a quick reminder that these sets are not just costume sets of different gear types for showing off or hanging out in hubs. Instead, I have created complete sets so you can do everything you want in the game while standing out from the crowd! For example, if you play a Paladin, you could go for Hawkman’s set and pop that Avenging Wrath while charging in a dungeon or raid. Or, if you’re a Hunter, you could pick that pretty bow from Shattered Halls and kick some ass as Wonder Woman. Of course, this raised some limitations during my creative process, and also a lot of scrapped ideas.

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Be Whatever You Want – DC Superheroes Transmog Sets for Hallow’s End (Part 1)

Hai everybody!

It’s certainly been a while since I started this blog but the truth is that, between my day job, physical therapy and other important issues, real life has been taking over everything lately. However, somewhere in the midst of all the adulting and daily affairs, I came up with this idea of creating a transmog costume set for my hunter now that Hallow’s End is approaching. The initial idea was simply something witchy and darker to match the uprising spooky mood – in other words, lots of black, purple and skulls – but that quickly died out and gave place to a bunch of other silly possibilities. I shared my results on my twitter a week ago and the feedback was astonishing- especially on my Wonder Woman’s inspired transmog. I was promptly suggested to do more superhero sets and thought “you know what, that would actually be pretty cool”.


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